Discover the Creative Hub of Chelsea: The Design Centre


Located in the heart of Chelsea, London, the Design Centre is a vibrant and dynamic space that serves as a hub for creativity, innovation, and inspiration. It is an iconic destination for design enthusiasts, interior designers, architects, and anyone passionate about art and aesthetics. With its rich history and an array of showrooms, galleries, and studios, the Design Centre offers an immersive experience that celebrates the best of design.


A Historic Venue

The Design Centre, formerly known as the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, is housed in an impressive building that dates back to the 1980s. The venue was purpose-built to showcase the latest trends and designs in the world of interiors. Its location on the banks of the River Thames adds to its allure, providing a scenic backdrop for visitors to enjoy.


Showrooms Galore

One of the main attractions of the Design Centre is the extensive range of showrooms it houses. These showrooms feature an incredible variety of products, ranging from furniture, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, accessories, and much more. Each showroom is thoughtfully curated to showcase the best designs from renowned international brands and emerging talents alike.
Visitors can explore a multitude of styles, from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between. The Design Centre truly offers something for everyone, making it a treasure trove for design enthusiasts looking to find inspiration and source unique pieces for their projects.


A World of Inspiration

Stepping into the Design Centre is like entering a world of inspiration. The space is meticulously designed to stimulate creativity and spark ideas. With its stunning architecture, well-lit interiors, and impeccably styled displays, every corner of the centre exudes elegance and sophistication.
The Design Centre hosts regular exhibitions, events, and talks by industry experts, providing a platform for designers and creative minds to come together, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest trends. These events attract professionals from around the world, further enhancing the centre’s reputation as a global design destination.


The Chelsea Design Quarter

The Design Centre is not the only design-oriented attraction in Chelsea. Just a stone’s throw away lies the Chelsea Design Quarter, a cluster of design-focused shops, boutiques, and galleries. It is a haven for design enthusiasts and a must-visit for anyone seeking unique and luxurious home furnishings.
The Chelsea Design Quarter complements the offerings of the Design Centre, providing a seamless extension to the design experience. It offers endless possibilities for those seeking to explore and source exclusive pieces to enrich their living spaces.


Beyond Design

While the Design Centre primarily focuses on interior design, it is much more than just a showroom. It is a space where art, fashion, and design converge. The centre often collaborates with artists, designers, and creative professionals from various disciplines to showcase their work and push the boundaries of design.
Visitors can also find a range of services within the Design Centre, such as interior design consultations, bespoke furniture design, and project management. These services ensure that visitors can receive expert advice and assistance in realising their design visions.



The Design Centre in Chelsea, UK, is undoubtedly a haven for design enthusiasts and a mecca for those seeking inspiration and innovation. With its extensive range of showrooms, stunning displays, and vibrant atmosphere, it offers an unparalleled experience for anyone passionate about design.
The centre’s commitment to showcasing the best of design, hosting events, and fostering collaboration further solidifies its position as a global design destination. Whether you are an interior designer, architect, or simply someone with an appreciation for beauty, a visit to the Design Centre is an absolute must. Prepare to be inspired, captivated, and immersed in the world of design like never before.